Wednesday, December 7, 2022

[Pro-Wrestling A-TEAM] [PREVIEW] "2022 OSAKA" 12/11/22

Pro-Wrestling A-TEAM was founded in 2017 by Tomohiko Hashimoto, who is best known for time in DDT from 2000-2006, during which time he held the KO-D Tag Team Championship on three separate occasions. Hashimoto is also a former NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champion and former FMW World Street Fight Six Man Tag Team Champion. Currently, he is co-holder of the WEW Tag Team Championship.

The A-TEAM roster includes Daisaku Shimoda (who has been seen in Michinoku Pro, NJPW, DDT, AJPW, BJW, ZERO1, and FMW), HASEGAWA (who was been seen in Stardom, ZERO1, and FMW), and Kosaku Tonosaki (who has been seen in FMW-E). A-TEAM events also feature talents from many other Japanese promotions, such as The Great Sasuke of Michinoku Pro, Kazuyuki Fujita of NOAH, Super Tiger of Strong Style Pro Wrestling, and Dylan James, who frequently wrestles in Pro Wrestling Land's End.

A-Team's next event will be "2022 OSAKA", their last big event of the year, taking place this Sunday, December 11 at Colega Studio (3 Chome-1-34 Ohiraki, Fukushima Ward, Osaka, 553-0007). Doors will open at 11:15 am, with the event starting at 12:00.

The card will be as follows:

"2022 OSAKA Death" match
Masahiro Sase (of A-TEAM)
Yuko Miyamoto (former Yokohama Shopping Street Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Magic Killer #1 (of DEMON MADDER)
Masashi Takeda
Kankuro Hoshino (former Yokohama Shopping Street Six Man Tag Team Champion)
Keito Murota (of Stand uP)

2022 OSAKA Special Singles Match
Tomohiko Hashimoto (of A-TEAM)
Kazuyuki Fujita (former GHC Heavyweight Champion)

"Barbed Wire Board" match
The Great Sasuke (founder of Michinoku Pro, Legend, original holder of the J-Crown)

Takumi Sakurai (of A-TEAM)
Kota Nagashima (of A-TEAM)
Kaz Shibano (of A-TEAM)
Kendo Kashin
Bryan Ishizaka

Daisaku Shimoda (of A-TEAM)
Super Tiger (of Strong Style Pro Wrestling)
Ryoji Sai (former AJPW World Tag Team Champion)
Dylan James (former AJPW World Tag Team Champion and current WEW Heavyweight Champion)

Kosaku Tonosaki (of A-TEAM)
Takashi Daimonji (of Pro Wrestling Land's End)

Raiden (of A-Team)
Joji Otani (of P.P.P. Tokyo)
Kim Su-bin (of Pro Wrestling Fit)
Jung Hamin (of Pro Wrestling Fit)

There will also be two junior kickboxing matches

Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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