Wednesday, December 7, 2022

[YMZ] [PREVIEW] 12/13/22 Nishiarai Daisen West Studio (Tokyo) Event

YMZ was founded in 2013 by Kaori Yoneyama, who has had a very successful wrestling career, holding championships including the AJW Championship, the PURE-J Openweight Championship, the JWP Openweight Championship, and the High Speed Championship. Along with composer Masaki playing a big part in the music and production for YMZ, Yoneyama presents a pro-wrestling product that uniquely blends comedy and action. When a YMZ match features comedy, it adds to the action of the match instead of replacing it.

YMZ doesn't have a talent roster, but some wrestlers are at YMZ events often, such as Makoto (who has held many championships, including the ICExInfinity Championship and International Ribbon Tag Team Championship) and Hikaru Sato (a former KO-D Openweight Champion).

YMZ's next event will be on December 13 at Nishiarai Daisen West Studio in Tokyo, with a 7pm start time. The card will be as follows:

Takato Nakano (as seen in DDT, AJPW, BJW, and WAVE)
Tsubasa Kuragaki (former JWP Tag Team Champion)
Kaori Yoneyama

SAKI (also currently competing in WAVE and PURE-J)

Hikaru Sato
Kunio Toshima (as seen in DDT, AJPW, BJW, and ZERO1) is the official web store of YMZ, and tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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