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Archive Interview: Brandi Alexander

(originally published 9/15/03)

Brandi Alexander is recognized by many fans from her appearance on the WCW-TV program "Thunder", where she defeated Miss Madness a.k.a. current WWE Women's Champion Molly Holly.

Brandi Alexander has also worked for WWE. However, she has been even more successful on the independent scene, where she has held the Appalachia Pro Cruiserweight Title, FWA World Women's Title, IWC Women's Title, WLW World League Women's Title, UCW Women's Title, CWA Women's Title, LAW International TV Title, CWA Continental Women's Title, CWA Ladies U.S. Title, Southern State's Women's Title, and the NEW Women's Title.

Q: How long have you been involved in the business?

A: I have been wrestling for 10 yrs now.

Q: Why did you enter the pro-wrestling industry?

A: I watched wrestling all of my life, my hero was Sherri Martel. I wanted to be just like her.

Q: Where did you receive your training to become a pro-wrestler?

A: I trained at the Monster Factory in SO. Jersey, under Pretty Boy Larry Sharp and Glen Ruth.

Q: Which persona appeals to you the most: Face, Heel, or Tweener?

A: A Heel mostly, I love getting the people behind the other gal.

Q: What is your gimmick?

A: No nonsense.

Q: Which do you feel has been your best match so far?

A: My match with Miss Madness, a.k.a. Molly Holly

Q: Which has been your favorite match so far?

A: My fav match would be with Tigressa in Puerto Rico.

Q: Whom would you like to wrestle, that you have not yet done so?

A: Jacqueline and Trish Stratus.

Q: You have worked with WWE in the past, wrestling in a non-televised match for them. Are you interested in working for WWE full-time, or do you prefer working for WWE while still making yourself available to independent promotions?

A: I would love to work for the WWE on a full-time basis. I haven't given up yet. Molly has always put in a good word for me.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: In my spare time I'm usually spending time with my 3 yr. old son, Dylan and my 3 dogs.

Q: What has been your proudest achievement in the business?

A: Being able to wrestle on NATIONAL TV for the WCW.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Brandi Alexander. In 2003, I began running my own website, World Wrestling Optimum, which consisted of news, articles, and interviews, including this one.

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