Saturday, September 2, 2023

The Top Stars on the Singapore Independent Wrestling Scene

The independent wrestling scene in Singapore is growing, with promotions based there making their events available for viewing via streaming.

The three promotions that have been showing the world what the Singapore independent wrestling scene has to offer are Singapore Pro Wrestling (SPW), Grapple MAX (GP MAX), and the newest promotion on the scene, Ring of Rebirth (ROR), which has a working relationship with DG and co-produced a Singapore event in March with the major Japanese promotion.

While the Singapore independent wrestling scene is experiencing its growth, a number of talented wrestlers are making a name for themselves. Here are some of the top talents to watch out for:

Alexis Lee: Singapore's first woman wrestler, Alexis Lee has been building her name internationally, wrestling in the United States, Japan, and many other countries. Lee has wrestled top names such as AEW star Riho and legend Emi Sakura. When wrestling in Singapore, Lee's home promotion is Singapore Pro Wrestling, where she is the current SPW Queen Of Asia Champion, as she dominates with her speed and aggressiveness.

Big Dave: Along with having made multiple appearances in Japan for Michinoku Pro, Big Dave stands out on the Singapore independent wrestling scene as the first and current Grapple MAX Openweight Champion, as well as arguably one of the strongest wrestlers on the GP MAX roster. He is also a coach in the promotion.

Endboss GREGORY: Along with many appearances in Japan for Michinoku Pro on his resume, Endboss GREGORY was trained by Japanese wrestling legend Dick Togo, making GREGORY one of the best technical wrestlers in Grapple MAX. GREGORY also has value as a coach and promoter, which he is both at GP MAX.

Wildfire Remus: A member of the Grapple MAX roster since day one, Wildfire Remus also wrestles in Malaysia. Capable of wrestling any style whether it's technical or going blow for blow, Remus had the opportunity to show his true potential last year in a singles match with Endboss GREGORY, his mentor.

These are just some of the top stars on the Singapore independent wrestling scene. As it becomes more popular, Alexis Lee, Big Dave, Endboss GREGORY, and Wildfire Remus will be amongst the wrestlers who you likely will hear the most about.

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