Tuesday, October 31, 2023

[KAGEKI] Pro Wrestling KAGEKI 11/4/23 at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe (Gifu)

Active since 1997 and founded by Azteca (who has appeared in NJPW, NOAH, AJPW, DG, DDT, BJW, FMW, ZERO1, and Michinoku Pro), the Fukuoka-based Pro Wrestling KAGEKI was the first wrestling promotion to be established in the city, and also hosts events in other parts of western Japan. On Saturday, November 4, KAGEKI will present, “COSMIC BOX Vol.6” at SPORTS BAR M's Cafe in Gifu, with a 2 pm start time (doors open at 1:30 pm).

The card will be as follows:

Kyushu Junior Heavyweight Championship
El Brave (Kyushu Junior Heavyweight Champion)
Cosmo Soldier (as seen in NJPW, DG, DDT, BJW, ZERO1, and Michinoku Pro)

Spell T
Jack Kennedy (as seen in BJW)

Super Shisa (former Open The Brave Gate Champion)
Yasushi Sato (as seen in DDT, ZERO1, and Ice Ribbon)

Dragon Yuki (as seen in BJW and Ice Ribbon)
vs. Convoy Nishio

You can get ticket information by contacting KAGEKI via

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