Thursday, November 2, 2023

AI in Wrestling: Will AI Create the Next Wrestling Superstars?

AI is currently being used in the sports business industry to improve training and performance of athletes in sports such as baseball and basketball, with STATSports using AI to analyze data from wearable devices to create personalized training programs for athletes, AI analyzing video footage of athletes' performances to identify areas for improvement, and AI predicting athletes' risk of injury and developing strategies to prevent injuries. So it's natural to wonder if it could also be used to create the next wrestling superstars. And the truth is, it indeed is possible.

One way that AI could be used to develop wrestlers is by creating personalized physical training programs. AI could analyze a wrestler's strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a program that is tailored to their individual needs. This could help wrestlers to improve their strength, speed, and agility more efficiently.

In addition to training, AI could also be used to develop new wrestling moves and sequences. AI could analyze millions of hours of wrestling footage to identify patterns and trends. This could include things like the most common types of moves, the most common sequences of moves, and the most effective ways to set up and execute moves. The information could then be used to create new moves and sequences that are more exciting and innovative- for example, AI could combine two or more common moves to create a new move, no matter what the wrestling style is. Overall, AI has the potential to revolutionize how wrestlers are both trained and developed, even creating moves and sequences for specific wrestlers based on their individual styles and strengths.

AI is already being used in the movie industry to create more realistic and believable special effects. For example, AI reportedly was used to generate the realistic appearance of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World, and was used to create the de-aged versions of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci in The Irishman.

AI could also be used to create realistic and believable wrestling matches between real wrestlers and virtual opponents that move/interact like real wrestlers, in a safe and controlled environment, similar to the WWE ThunderDome that WWE and Famous Group co-created and was used in 2020 and 2021. Fans would watch the matches from the comfort of their own homes on TV or streaming services.

It's even possible that in the future, AI will be used to create completely virtual wrestling matches, just as exciting and entertaining as traditional wrestling matches, but much safer. Virtual wrestling matches would eliminate the risk of injury for wrestlers, and more creative and innovative matches could be presented, as the virtual wrestlers would not be limited by the physical constraints of real-world wrestling. Also, virtual wrestling matches could be accessed by fans all over the world, regardless of their location or financial resources. Meanwhile, AI could also be used to create virtual arenas that are filled with fans.

However, this idea would have many drawbacks. Not only may some fans be resistant to the idea of virtual wrestling matches, but they would reduce the demand for real wrestlers, leading to fewer bookings and less income for wrestlers. Fans may begin to miss the live atmosphere, as some did during the ThunderDome Era. Also, some people would have ethical concerns about the use of AI to create completely virtual wrestling matches.

However, despite the potential drawbacks, it is a very real possibility that completely virtual wrestling matches will become a reality in the future. AI technology is rapidly developing, with it not only already being used to create realistic and believable special effects in movies, but also in video games. So it's likely that AI technology will continue to improve in the coming years, which could lead to the development of AI that is capable of not only creating completely virtual wrestling matches that are indistinguishable from traditional wrestling matches, but also a virtual wrestling promotion.

One thing that is for sure is that AI has the potential to revolutionize how wrestlers are trained and developed, as well as how wrestling is presented, and it will be interesting to see how it's used to shape the future of professional wrestling, as well as the entertainment industry in general.

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