Monday, November 13, 2023

[HPW] Hokuto Pro Wrestling 11/27/23 at Concariรฑo (Sapporo)

Active since 2004 and founded by referee Crane Nakajo, the Hokkaido-based Hokuto Pro Wrestling (HPW) hosts events all over the region. On Monday, November 27th, HPW will be coming to Concariรฑo in Sapporo (directly connected to Kotoni Station), where they will be presenting a one-day tournament. The event will start at 6:50pm (doors will open at 6:00 pm).

These will be the qualifying matches for the tournament:

Katsuo (HWC Champion)
Sidney Shota Stevens (as seen in AJPW)

Syuuou Fujiwara (NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion and former CCW Canadian Heavyweight Champion)
Toshiki Iwaki (former ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Champion)

Shota Nakagawa (as seen in AJPW, DDT, and BJW)
Rekka (as seen in NJPW, AJPW, DG, BJW, and Michinoku Pro)

Ru Rururu (as seen in Ice Ribbon)
Kumagoro Hokkai (as seen in AJPW)

Along with tournament action, HPW will also be presenting a women's tag team match:

Ami Kanda (as seen in DDT, ZERO1, Ice Ribbon, and WAVE)
Rina Amikura (former Ice Ribbon and WAVE star)
Hamuko Hoshi (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Ayame Sasamura (former Sendai Girls star)

You can get ticket information by contacting HPW via

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