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Dawn Maestas ("Godiva" from GLOW) Interview

At age 24, Dawn Maestas became "Godiva", one of the standout members of the GLOW roster, making her debut in season 3. In this interview, Dawn discusses GLOW, the Godiva character, and her current involvement in the pro-wrestling industry.

Q: Why did you enter the pro-wrestling industry?

A: I got a call from a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. My best friend since Jr. High. She was doing GLOW, and wanted me to come do it with her. We were on the same gymnastics team together, and cheerleaders together through high school. Her character on GLOW was Debbie Debutante. We are still close friends to this day!

Q: What was the best part about working for GLOW?

A: GLOW was a blast. I loved the physicality of it, I loved working out matches with my opponents, and I loved the fun things about being on the road...interviews, photo sessions, etc.

Q: What are your thoughts on the following former G.L.O.W. members:

A: CHEYENNE CHER - I answer this as Godiva??? Cheyenne was one of my favorite opponents. Our matches were very high flying, she was also a gymnast, and she was easy to throw around. She made me look good.

DAISY - Daisy was my favorite opponent because she was able to toss me around like a rag doll. We always had HUGE moves. She was also one of my best friends in GLOW and beyond. She is the type of person who will do anything for a friend.

COLONEL NINOTCHKA - Nino trained me and I had huge respect for her. We were both heels, so I only got to wrestle with her once as Parisian Ninotchka. I LOVED that match!! I felt very safe wrestling her. Also, we were both such strong, independent characters, the fans LOVED it!

MAJOR TANYA - No opinion really. I felt like, during GLOW anyway, she was one of the weaker wrestlers. I know she continued to wrestle post-GLOW so maybe that changed...I don't know.

SALLY THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER - My match with Sally has the most YouTube hits of any match, but honestly, I didn't like wrestling her. She was uncontrollable. She did what she wanted, whether it would "sell" well or not, whether it was part of the action or not.

TIFFANY MELLON - Tiffany was also very physical which I loved. She was often a diva pain in the ass, but our matches looked great. I was really arch rivals with her tag team partner, Roxy. Our cat fights and trash talk still endure. Also, we reunited recently and had great laughs over our old rivalry. They are great.

DAVID MCLANE - Never met him.

Q: Which do you feel was your best match in GLOW?

A: Godiva vs. Cheyenne Cher for the GLOW crown.

Q: Have you done any wrestling since GLOW?

A: I have. I am in production now on a new action, comedy, reality show called Femme D Action. You can see our promo video here: I did some wrestling and stunts to train the new Femmes. We are using several GLOW girls in our new show as well and our GLOW director, Matt Cimber is directing. In addition to that, I am a 3rd degree black belt martial arts instructor.

Q: Throughout the years, many female wrestling promotions have come and gone, but none of them made an impact like GLOW did. To this day, GLOW remains the all-time favorite of many women's wrestling fans. In your opinion, what was it about GLOW that has made it stand out from other female wrestling promotions?

A: GLOW was character driven making it much more than a wrestling company. The camp and the character were the most important elements. There hasn't been any other show like it. To me, GLOW more closely resembled HeeHaw or Laugh-in from the 70s more than it did any wrestling show. (We will see plenty of camp and craziness in Femme D Action!)

Q: Do you see Femme D Action having a bright future?

A: YES!! It's clever, fast-paced, topical, and, in Matt Cimber tradition, there is absolutely NOTHING on television like it. I'm excited! We have former GLOW girls Roxy, Little Egypt, and myself as judges, Lightning, Hollywood, Matilda the Hun and Gremlina as trainers and mentors, Daisy and Tulsa are our Security Guards and cameos (so far!) by Stinky, Thunderbolt, and Ashley.

Q: Were you a wrestling fan before you were involved with GLOW?

A: Absolutely not. I never even saw a wrestling match before I was a wrestler.

Q: Comparing the view of female wrestling during the existence of GLOW to the view of female wrestling in the year 2013, do you feel that female wrestling is more respected? Also, do you feel that the quality of female wrestling has improved?

A: I don't follow wrestling. It looks more sexualized to me than GLOW, but I really wouldn't know. GLOW was a "sexy" show, but it wasn't a "sex" show. The women portrayed on GLOW were independent and empowered. There was no male image on hunky muscle guys leading us to the ring or drying our delicate tears. Again, I feel like GLOW can't really be compared to those shows.

Q: What did you like the most about being a pro-wrestler?

A: Being a glamorous icon! HA! JK...It was a crazy life at the perfect time....young, single, childless, no responsibilities, and I managed to have a blast! Godiva, Professional Fun Seeker!

Q: How much of DAWN was a part of the Godiva character? Or do you feel that Godiva and Dawn are like night and day?

A: Matt really gave us our characters based on something innate that he saw. Godiva is haughty, self-absorbed, strong, confident, and cutting. I am definitely a kinder, gentler....well, Godiva. I love her.

Q: Who would you have liked to wrestle, that you did not?

A: This is my favorite question. I think Spanish Red....again a great and super physical bad guy.

Q: What is your long-term goal?

A: To be honoring and faithful, to live for something bigger than myself, and to love, accept, and serve others unconditionally.

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