Monday, March 25, 2013

GLOW: Still Popular After All These Years

Recently I was invited to check out a review on a GLOW documentary. I remember watching GLOW in the 1980's, and found it to be very entertaining. There were a lot of female wrestling promotions in existence during that decade in the United States along with GLOW: Ladies Major League Wrestling, the LPWA, and POWW. While I considered POWW to be the best of the four in terms of in-ring action, creatively GLOW was one the best American female wrestling promotions of all-time.

What surprises me is that while it's obvious that there is still a great amount of interest in GLOW (documentaries, DVDs available nationwide, etc.), it currently is not on television. ESPN Classics presents episodes of the AWA, and even though GLOW wasn't as popular as the AWA in the 1980's, GLOW was syndicated just as the AWA was. Also, Wrestlicious was a part of the MavTV lineup not long ago, so the potential for a female pro-wrestling product on television is likely still there. GLOW still exists as a company (with Usula "Babe The Farmer's Daughter" Hayden as the owner), so they should contact networks and see which ones are interested in showing their GLOW episodes.

I would shoot for a TV deal with Tribune Broadcasting. In New York during the 1980's, WPIX had the broadcast right for GLOW, and WPIX is owned by Tribune Broadcasting. A TV deal with Tribune would get GLOW on up to 24 Tribune stations, which include PIX 11 (New York), KTLA 5 (Los Angeles), WGN-TV (Chicago), WPHL-TV (Philadelphia), and KDAF (Dallas). Those five stations are located in the top five television markets in the United States, presenting a possible opportunity definitely worth looking into.

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