Monday, December 14, 2020

[Michinoku Pro][RESULTS] 2020 Tokyo Tournament-Struggle for Power- 12/11/20

After a one-year absence, Michinoku Pro finally returned to the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on December 11 for pro-wrestling action, highlighted by the appearance of an AEW star and costumed chaos in the 15th edition of "Space War", Michinoku Pro's annual year-end special match. Many prevention measures were taken at the event to prevent coronavirus infection so that fans would have peace of mind and could focus on the night's great action.

In the first match, the team of Yasuyoshi Ogasawara & Takuro Niki faced the team of Tatsuya Hanami & Daiju Wakamatsu. This match was no doubt a big moment for Ogasawara, as his career began in November and on this night he was making his Korakuen Hall debut during Michinoku Pro's biggest show of the show. Niki's career began in 2019 and he may be familiar to fans from his appearances in AJPW and BJW. Tatsuya Hanami is a member of the 2AW roster, where he has held the promotions Tag Team Championship. Daiju Wakamatsu is also a member of the 2AW roster, and has appeared in AJPW, ZERO1, and BJW. All four wrestlers are young, talented, aggressive, and show much promise.

In the end, Tatsuya Hanami & Daiju Wakamatsu were victorious, with Hanami gaining the win for his team with a modified cobra clutch submission.

Next it was time for the, "Gatoh Move" match. Gatoh Move is a Thailand-based promotion founded by AEW star, legend, and Asia Dream Tag Team Champion Emi Sakura. In this match, she teamed with Suruga Mei to go against Baliyan Akki and Chie Koishikawa.

With all four of them being members of the Gatoh Move talent roster, this match was their opportunity to show all of the fans in attendance the fast action, comedy, surprises, and high-flying maneuvers that are trademarks of Gatoh Move matches.

And of course, Emi Sakura did the, "We Will Rock You” corner splash that she has also done in front of 1,140,000 American viewers during AEW's TV show, "Dynamite".

When this action packed, "Gatoh Move" match was over, Emi Sakura and Suruga Mei stood victorious, with Sakura picking up the win for her team.

In the next match, Ken45 & Violento Jack went against Jinsei Shinzaki & Rasse. All four men are quite familiar with tag team action:

Ken45 (who was making his return to the Korakuen Hall on this night after a two-year absence) is a former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion.

Violento Jack is a current and three-time King Of FREEDOM Tag Team Champion. His current reign is the longest reign in FREEDOMS history.

Jinsei Shinzaki is a former Tohoku Tag Team Champion.

Rasse is also a former Tohoku Tag Team Champion.

The tag team action was fast and intense.

In the end, Violento Jack gained the win for his team with a pinfall victory over Rasse after delivering his, "Violento Breaker" signature move.

In the semi-main event, it was time for four members of Michinoku Pro's bright future to shine, as Rui Hyugaji & MUSASHI faced Yasutaka Oosera & Koji Kawamura

This was an action-packed match as all four wrestlers who began their careers in Michinoku Pro showed why the promotion is one to take notice of whenever they travel outside of the Tลhoku region to an area near you.

In the end, Rui Hyugaji showed why he is not only the current Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion but also a former Tohoku & UWA World Tag Team Champion when he picked up the win for his team after delivering a diving elbow drop.

In the main event, it was the annual year-end special Michinoku Pro match, "Space War". Michinoku Pro fans have come to expect Space Wars to be filled with costumes, chaos, weapons, the ring being taken apart, and The Great Sasuke putting his life on the line while being inside of a barrel. And the fans were not disappointed.

"Abdullah Marshmallow" was Abdullah Kobayashi, five-time former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion. His second reign was the fifth-longest reign in BJW history.

Participants continued to enter the ring.

The match was wild, and the fans loved every minute of it.

The ring was taken apart.

Then things became crazier.

The Great Sasuke took a dangerous barrel dive.

The Great Sasuke was then powerbombed onto the ring's now-exposed steel beams.

The Great Sasuke later dived from the top turnbuckle to a table below, which he slipped off of and then fell to the floor

Since it's impossible to keep a legend down, The Great Sasuke rose again, this time to deliver a Senton Atomico with a ladder around his neck to pick up the win for his team.