Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Paraphrasing Games

Along with writing for Japanese companies during my time in Japan (which have included Michinoku Pro Wrestling and Yanagase Pro Wrestling), I have also been teaching English to Japanese students. Many of my students enjoy paraphrasing games. The basic idea of a paraphrasing game is that you are given a main sentence and have to choose the sentence that has the same meaning. This forces them to think carefully about the meaning of the main sentence. My students love the challenge of these games. Also, paraphrasing games can be a fun way to learn new vocabulary and improve language skills.

If you want to improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills, try playing a paraphrasing game. There are many types available online, and a popular option is the paraphrasing games from Wordwall. I have embedded a couple of them into this post.

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