Friday, September 22, 2023

Angel Orsini: Still Going Strong After 27 Years

Angel Orsini is a veteran wrestler who has been in the business for 27 years. Making her debut in 1996, Orsini has since then wrestled in many notable promotions around the world, including ECW, AJW, ASW, National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, and WEW, where she held the WEW World Championship and WEW World Tag Team Championship.

In 2005, I interviewed Angel Orsini for World Wrestling Optimum, a website that I was running at the time. At that point, she was wrestling in many independent promotions in the United States (as Riptide). She told me that she wanted to be in the business for at least five more years before she retired or became a trainer.

Fast forward to 2023, and Angel Orsini is still going strong in the ring. Since the interview, she has wrestled for many more promotions, including JCW, AWA W1, and WSU, where she held the WSU World Championship. Today, Orsini continues to wrestle in independent promotions nationwide, as well as continues to be a championship contender. On October 15, she will be wrestling in California for Native Ways Ent (NWE), where she will face NWE Women's Champion Jade Deville. A dominating competitor in the ring, Deville, will be defending her championship against one of her toughest challenges when she wrestles Orsini.

On October 21, Angel Orsini will be competing in the New York-based New Evolution Wrestling (NEW), where she will go against NEW Women's Champion Vanity in another attempt to claim the championship. They previously faced each other in a match this past June for the then-vacant championship. Vanity was the winner, but in this rematch, Orsini believes the result will be different. "I'm looking to continue to slay all day." she has confidently stated.

I recently reached out to Angel Orsini to get an update on her career. Orsini said that she's currently working with Gary Wolfe, who tag teamed as Pitbull #1 in ECW with Pitbull #2 Anthony Durante. Together, they became ECW World Tag Team Champions. "I'm a Pitbull one of the most iconic ECW Teams," Orsini said. "and we're not just a tag team but we're a trio we have Chris Annino with us and we are growing. I'm excited to see where our Team can go." One of Annino's trainers was Susan Green, who appeared in Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1970s, and WWE in the 1980s.

When asked about her thoughts on the current state of women's wrestling, Angel Orsini's response was very positive. "It's great to see so many talented women wrestling and that women are main eventing pay per views! I hope it stays that way and women get more opportunities to main event and produce and be CEO of sports entertainment companies."

Regarding her advice to aspiring wrestlers, Angel Orsini says, "My advice is to go to a good wrestling school where people have been on TV for wrestling and do what they tell you. Be quiet and listen, absorb as much as possible and practice every opportunity you can. Take care of your body. Stay away from drugs including steroids, spend time meditating and learn yoga because being flexible will protect you from injury."

It's clear that streaming will play a big role in the future of wrestling, and Angel Orsini will be joining the streaming world when she launches a streaming TV channel, which Orsini will be announcing via press release soon. Also, on September 30, she will be co-hosting the New England Hall of Fame Inductions with Chris Annino and Broadway Joe. "Chris & I co-founded the HOF so it's exciting to see such a big turnout for the event."

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