Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Differences Between Wrestling Fans in Tokyo and Osaka

Wrestling is popular in Japan, especially in Tokyo and Osaka. And it is a common belief that all Japanese wrestling fans act the same. Although there are passionate fans in both cities, there are some key differences between both fanbases.

Before we look at how both fanbases express their fandom, we must first look at how the people of Tokyo and Osaka are in general. People in Tokyo generally are usually reserved and not very expressive regarding who and what they like and dislike, and what they are thinking and feeling. Meanwhile, people in Osaka reside in a livelier atmosphere and generally are usually more talkative and expressive regarding their feelings- if they like something, they want people to know. And being that Osakans tend to act on feelings and are more entrepreneurial than Tokyoites, it's fair to say that people in Tokyo generally think things through more than people in Osaka. The way that Tokyoites and Osakans conduct themselves in daily life is reflected in how they conduct themselves as wrestling fans.

Tokyo wrestling fans are usually more into stats and history. They are also more likely to be fans of the traditional style of wrestling, with its emphasis on technical skill. Tokyo fans are also more likely to be quieter at events, being analytical of the wrestlers and the matches. To compare them to American fans and to use American wrestling terminology, Tokyo fans are similar to smarks. Meanwhile, Osaka wrestling fans are more passionate and vocal during an event as they show their support for the wrestlers, and they are more likely to be fans of the comedy wrestling style combined with fast-paced action. They are similar to marks. But in the end, Tokyo and Osaka fans are both passionate about the wrestling business. They come to the events to be entertained, and they always leave satisfied.

While wrestling fans in Tokyo and Osaka are generally different, both fanbases are important to the growth of wrestling in Japan, and they both contribute to the unique atmosphere of Japanese wrestling events, as they enjoy the action in their own ways.

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