Tuesday, October 17, 2023

[OZ Academy] [PREVIEW] 10/22/23 OZ Academy Event at Yokohama Budokan

Active since 1998 and based in Tokyo, OZ Academy frequently books some of the best freelance women wrestlers available on their shows. Their next pro-wrestling event will take place on Sunday, October 22 at Yokohama Budokan, with a 4:00 pm starting time, as OZ Academy presents ~YOKOHAMA Burning Destiny~.

The card will be as follows:

OZ Academy Openweight Championship
AKINO (OZ Academy Openweight Champion)
Takumi Iroha (of Marvelous)

"3 Way", match
Sonoko Kato (former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion)
Ryo Mizunami (former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion)
Hiroyo Matsumoto (former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion)
Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion)
Yuu (Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion)

Elimination 6-person tag judgment chain death", match
Chigusa Nagayo
Tomoko Watanabe
Mio Momono
Mayumi Ozaki
Saori Anou (former Artist Of Stardom Champion)

Shuji Ishikawa (former AJPW World Tag Team Champion)
Maika Ozaki (former International Ribbon Tag Team Champion)
Suwama (former AJPW World Tag Team Champion)
Maya Yukihi (former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion)

Jaguar Yokota (former AJW star)
Ram Kaicho (former Ice Ribbon star)
Momoka Hanazono (as seen in Stardom, BJW, ZERO1, Michinoku Pro, WAVE, and PURE-J)
Tsubasa Kuragaki (former Artist Of Stardom Champion)
Itsuki Aoki (WAVE Tag Team Champion)
Kaori Yoneyama (former Artist Of Stardom Champion)

Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

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