Tuesday, December 5, 2023

[Energyse Pro-Wrestling] [PREVIEW] “Big Japan x Doutonbori x Energyse ~Triangle Contenders 2024” 1/21/24

Hiroaki Moriya is known for his appearances in AJPW, DG, DDT, BJW, ZERO1, and Ice Ribbon, but he still has a goal in mind- for wrestling in Osaka to the world. Osaka is a city where pro wrestling has been popular for decades and has a rich history, as the wrestler there devote themselves to the industry. Moriya is a part of Energyse Pro-Wrestling, a promotion that gives wrestlers who live in Osaka and its surrounding area more opportunities to showcase their talents. On Sunday, January 21, Energyse Pro-Wrestling will be teaming with Big Japan Pro-Wrestling (BJW) and fellow Osaka-based promotion Doutonbori Pro to present "Triangle Contenders 2024", which will take place at Amamigado Community Center, with a 1:00 p.m. start time. The event will feature many top names.

- Daisuke Sekimoto (former BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion)

- Abdullah Kobayashi (former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion)

- SAKI (WAVE Tag Team Champion)

- Kazuki Hashimoto (former BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion)

- Yuya Aoki (BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion)

- Kota Sekifuda (former BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion)

- Yuki Ishikawa (BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion)

- Hiroaki Moriya (as seen in AJPW, DG, DDT, BJW, ZERO1, and Ice Ribbon)

- Takashi Tachibana

- Mikiya Sasaki (WDWW Champion)

- Hiroyuki Iwahara

- Yuto Kikuchi (WDW Champion)

- Captain Amemura (former WDW Tag Team Champion)

- Harutoki (former WDW Champion)

- Flying Penguin

and others

Matches signed so far are:

Hiroaki Moriya
Daisuke Sekimoto

Flying Penguin

More matches will be officially announced in the coming weeks as Energyse Pro-Wrestling's first event of 2024 draws closer, and tickets can be purchased here.

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