Thursday, December 28, 2023

Wrestler Spotlight: Manjimaru - A Pillar of Michinoku Pro

A great of example of dedication in the Japanese wrestling scene is Manjimaru, one of the most loyal Michinoku Pro wrestlers. A longtime member of the company roster since 2004, his career began in 2002, meaning that Manjimaru has been a part of Michinoku Pro for almost his entire career. Manjimaru's journey began with being trained in Ultimo Dragon Gym in Mexico, after which Manjimaru began wrestling in Ultimo Dragon's Mexico-based promotion, Toryumon Mexico. Manjimaru wrestled there for only two years before his career focused on Japan and Michinoku Pro became his home promotion.

Manjimaru stands out with his grounded demeanor and focused intensity. His quiet confidence translates into an aggressive in-ring style that has consisted of a mixture of stiff strikes, powerful kicks, and technical wrestling.

Manjimaru never takes a step back, and this has been rewarded with numerous accolades throughout his career. Manjimaru is one of the longest reigning Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champions in history, and his resume also features tag team success- Manjimaru has held the Tohoku Tag Team Championship twice, each time with a different partner, with the first reign being the fifth longest in the history of the championship. All of this showcases his versatility and ability to thrive in both the singles and tag team scenes.

Manjimaru's impact goes beyond wins and championships. With his 21 years of experience that includes Mexico's lucha libre style, Michinoku Pro's combination of the traditional Japanese style with the lucha libre style, AJPW's King's Road style, NJPW and ZERO1's Strong Style, BJW's hardcore style, and YMZ' environment that blends action and comedy in its own way, Manjimaru makes a great role model to the younger generation, as his exposure to different styles makes him adaptable & knowledgeable, and a valuable resource for younger wrestlers. Manjimaru's dedication to hard work, versatility, and respect for the business earns him the respect of wrestlers at all stages of their careers, as Manjimaru supports the unique spirit of Michinoku Pro and its history of innovation and excellence.

With a career spanning over two decades, Manjimaru continues to be very active in Michinoku Pro. In fact, since returning to the ring in 2021 after taking 2020 off to recover from a knee injury that he suffered in 2019, Manjimaru's schedule of matches has increased each year as he remains a pillar of Michinoku Pro, inspiring future generations of wrestlers while etching his name further in the history books of the company.

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