Sunday, February 25, 2024

Michinoku Pro Is Coming to WRESTLE UNIVERSE!

Michinoku Pro was introduced to new audiences in the 1990s by Kaientai Deluxe making appearances in ECW and WWE. And now, one of pro-wrestling's most unique companies will further expand its international reach as it officially joins the ranks of WRESTLE UNIVERSE in March! This marks a monumental moment for both Michinoku Pro and WRESTLE UNIVERSE, bringing a fresh wave of excitement to the world of online wrestling as Michinoku Pro will become one of the latest companies to increase in visibility while utilizing streaming services to reach a wider audience, reshaping how wrestling content is distributed and consumed internationally.

Michinoku Pro was founded by The Great Sasuke in his hometown of Iwate, Japan. The company is named after the north-eastern area of the Tลhoku region, which was called "Michinoku" ("end of the road") in ancient times. Michinoku Pro is dedicated to bringing pro-wrestling to Iwate, and most of its events take place there. In the beginning, Michinoku Pro was a small operation with only a few staff members. Since then, the company has seen much success. Michinoku Pro DVDs are sold in stores nationwide, and Michinoku Pro drew a sellout, standing room only crowd of 1,890 at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo in December 2019, which was the highest reported attendance at the Korakuen Hall for a pro-wrestling event since April 2015. Also, the company has been running shows for over 30 years, when the average lifespan of a promotion is 10 years.

Michinoku Pro's style is a combination of the traditional Japanese style with the lucha libre style, as many of the matches in Michinoku Pro feature high-flying and fast-paced action. And while most promotions in Japan and other parts of the world utilize a junior heavyweight championship as a midcard championship, Michinoku Pro utilizes its Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship as the top championship in the company, as well as its only currently active singles championship. With the Michinoku Pro roster mainly consisting of junior heavyweights, athleticism is one of the main aspects of matches at a Michinoku Pro event, with the wrestlers performing moves that are best done by junior heavyweights. And the company features a roster of talent that consists of names that fans outside of Japan know, as well as ones they SHOULD know!

Joining WRESTLE UNIVERSE provides Michinoku Pro with a global platform to showcase their unique brand of wrestling to a wider audience that up to now has only read and seen pictures of what Michinoku Pro has to offer. For WRESTLE UNIVERSE, Michinoku Pro's arrival will add another layer of diversity and excitement to its already-impressive lineup of promotions that caters to a wide range of fan preferences and has something for everyone who enjoys Japanese wrestling.

Michinoku Pro's arrival on WRESTLE UNIVERSE will be a game-changer for both parties, as Michinoku Pro will reach new heights while WRESTLE UNIVERSE will solidify its position as one of the premier destinations for Japanese wrestling. It's safe to say that WRESTLE UNIVERSE is ready to impress the world in 2024, with Michinoku Pro taking it to another level. A free trial of WRESTLE UNIVERSE is currently available, and you can start it here.

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