Sunday, March 17, 2024

Tohoku Tag Team Championship Changes Hands in Michinoku Pro

History was made on March 16 at the Michinoku Pro event in Iwate, when the Tohoku Tag Team Championship changed hands as Rasse and Ringo Yamaya defeated Kagetora & Yoshitsune to win the championship, with Yamaya gaining the three count over Kagetora after a La Magistral.

This is the third time that Rasse is Tohoku Tag Team Champion, and Ringo Yamaya's first. Other great teams that are a part of the lineage of the Tohoku Tag Team Championship include Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2, and Jinsei Shinzaki & The Great Sasuke.

Rasse and Ringo Yamaya had wrestled each other many times since Yamaya's debut in May 2022, with Rasse displaying power moves and submissions, while Yamaya showed fighting spirit. This year they combined their strengths and began tag teaming, with Rasse and Yamaya's contrasting styles complementing each other. Rasse can control an opponent in the ring, weakening them. Yamaya can capitalize on this opening with high-energy attacks, potentially leading to a quick pinfall.

The Tohoku Tag Team Championship victory is an impressive highlight on the resumes of Rasse and Ringo Yamaya. Along with this being Rasse's third Tohoku Tag Team Championship reign, he has won the Chiba Six Man Tag Team Championship a record three times. Meanwhile, with only one year of in-ring experience, Yamaya has accomplished the impressive feat of becoming co-holder of one of the most legitimate tag titles in pro-wrestling, with the prestigious Tohoku Tag Team Championship having the distinction of having legends as a part of its legacy. Along with the earlier-mentioned legends, รšltimo Dragรณn, Kensuke Sasaki, and Dick Togo have also held the championship.

Ringo Yamaya has been a member of the Michinoku Pro roster ever since his pro-wrestling career began, and although Rasse is a freelancer, he has wrestled in Michinoku Pro for most of his career, and spends enough time in the promotion to call Michinoku Pro his home.

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