Thursday, February 29, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Rasse - Aerial Skills and Physical Prowess 

A veteran of the pro-wrestling industry since July 2002, a former championship holder, and an international competitor, Rasse has called Michinoku Pro his home for most of his career. Rasse has been most recognized for having a fast-paced style featuring an aerial offense, which makes him a perfect fit for Michinoku Pro's unique environment that spotlights fast-paced junior heavyweight action. In recent years, Rasse utilizes the strength advantage that he often has in matches, using power moves and submissions on his opponent.

It's rare to see Rasse in singles action, being that he is a very accomplished tag team wrestler. Rasse won the Tohoku Tag Team Championship in 2007 and 2012 with two different partners, and he won the Chiba Six Man Tag Team Championship a record three times in 2019 with Yapper Man 1 and Yapper Man 2.

Although Rasse mainly wrestles in Michinoku Pro, he has also appeared in other prominent promotions during his career, wrestling on NJPW and BJW television shows in 2006. Wrestling in these promotions with styles distinct from Michinoku Pro's showed Rasse's ability to appeal to diverse wrestling fans, highlighting his versatility as a talent. And in 2015, Rasse wrestled in promotions located in other parts of Asia as well as in Europe and Australia, further showing his versatility.

Despite Rasse's tag team championship success that has solidified his place in the world of Japanese professional wrestling, and matches that Rasse has had overseas where he has demonstrated to pro-wrestling fans outside of Japan what he can do in the ring, many fans have not seen Rasse in action. He wrestled overseas during a time that streaming was not as recognized as it is today, and for many years it has been difficult to see the Michinoku Pro product outside of Japan. That will change in March, when Michinoku Pro will expand its international reach as it joins the ranks of WRESTLE UNIVERSE.

So, whether you're a longtime fan of Michinoku Pro or someone who appreciates wrestlers who have movesets that include aerial and power moves, Rasse is a talent to check out. He has given over two decades to the pro-wrestling industry and continuously is a wrestler who Michinoku Pro can count on to entertain its audiences.

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