Thursday, March 21, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: OSO11 - Michinoku Pro's Most Unorthodox Wrestler

Michinoku Pro is unique in many ways, and one example is that it's the home promotion of OSO11, one of the most unorthodox wrestlers on the roster. Introduced to Michinoku Pro by Ayumu Gunji in July 2022 as his tag team partner, OSO11 is powerful, along with being amazingly fast and agile for someone who is 254 pounds, and his win-loss record includes wins over wrestlers such as legend The Great Sasuke and former Tohuko Junior Heavyweight Champion Taro Nohashi.

Bear-like in behavior, right down to carrying a fish around at times, OSO11's opponents are never sure what he's going to do next. And OSO11 has captured the attention of fans as well, because both in terms of ring style and persona, there has never been someone in Michinoku Pro quite like OSO11.

OSO11 is at a good stage of his career. Still young and developing a strong persona at this point sets him up well for the coming years, as there is time for OSO11 to adapt even more and also improve as a wrestler. And wrestling for Michinoku Pro gives him the opportunity to wrestle and learn from many experienced veterans, as he did in this match with Rui Hyugaji:

It will be interesting to see how OSO11 further develops both as a wrestler and as a performer, as he continues to wrestle experienced talents in Michinoku Pro's distinctive environment.

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