Tuesday, May 14, 2024

[WWE Speed][X] 5/15/24 Tyler Bate vs. Berto

This Wednesday, May 15, 12 ET on the X platform will be the time and location to see adrenaline-pumping action take place in three minutes or less, courtesy of the newest episode of WWE Speed, as Tyler Bate goes against Berto! WWE Speed features a unique format of its matches having a three-minute limit as Superstars compete to decide who will advance to the next round in a No.1 Contender Tournament, with the Superstar who makes it to the final round receiving a shot at the WWE Speed Championship, currently held by Ricochet.

Nicknamed "Big Strong Boi", Tyler Bate's advantage is his surprising strength combined with his technical skills and innovative offense. While Berto is also a good technical wrestler, his biggest asset is his unpredictable and explosive high-flying style. Therefore, the main theme of this match will be a battle between Bate's power and Berto's aerial abilities.

The winner of this Speed Match will advance to the semifinals, where they will face Ivar. While most Speed competitors utilize a lightning-quick, high-flying strategy, Ivar prefers to overpower his opponents with his size and power. Whether his opponent will be Tyler Bate or Berto, Ivar will present a tough challenge as they battle for the right to face Ricochet for his coveted WWE Speed Championship.

With only three minutes to claim victory, expect Tyler Bate vs. Berto to be intense and action-packed! Watch this week's edition of WWE Speed to witness who wins in this clash of styles as they battle for tournament advancement!

[UPDATED- match can be seen below]

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