Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Aces and Eights Reach an NWO-Level of Dominance in TNA

Last night's TNA Lockdown delivered a great event with an enthusiastic crowd- the biggest domestic crowd ever for a TNA show. The main event was Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, a match that resulted in Ray becoming the new champion. I view this as a short term-negative but a long-term benefit. It's a short term negative because Hardy is the biggest name on the active roster, and being that the TNA Champion is the face of the company, it is financially beneficial for the title to be with Hardy.

However, the short-term negative is outweighed by the long term-benefit, and the benefit is that Bully Ray has become champion while simultaneously being revealed as the president of the Aces and Eights faction. In a previous blog post, I discussed how much potential the Aces and Eights faction has. Since that post, their brand has been strengthened as I suggested it should have been, by it being merchandised. They should still have their own website in my opinion though- perhaps that will happen in the future.

Bully Ray becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion has given the Aces and Eights new life and brought them to the forefront of TNA, just as Hulk Hogan brought the NWO to the forefront of WCW when he was revealed as the leader of the NWO. The question is, can the Aces and Eights maintain this momentum the same way the NWO did? I believe that they can. The NWO thrived in the adult-oriented atmosphere of WCW, and that same atmosphere exists in TNA. The heel heat was raw when Bully Ray cut his post-match heel promo, as the ring was pelted with garbage thrown into the ring by angry fans, which was the same way that WCW fans reacted when Hogan revealed that he had turned heel.

The aura of mystery and suspense that helped make the NWO become successful will definitely continue to exist with the Aces and Eights. The TNA World Heavyweight Championship is now in the camp of the Aces and Eights and the balance of power has shifted- which members of the TNA roster will "tire of fighting the power" and become a part of the force?

Jeff Hardy is signed to a multi-year contract with TNA, so he's not going anywhere. I have no doubt that the cash cow for TNA will be TNA World Heavyweight Champion once again. But right now? It's the Aces and Eights' time to be highlighted to their fullest potential, especially Bully Ray. Many have been praising him for over a year now. Even Ray himself has noted that his career has new vitality. For the first time in Ray's career, the weight of a pro-wrestling company now rests on his shoulders. Is Ray truly destined for greatness? If so, now is his opportunity to prove it.


  1. I hate aces and eights they are bullies and can't stand alone they always use weapons wish I was a wrestler and I'm a female they can't beat Cena Roc RYBACK or CM Punk

  2. Thanks for commenting my blog post. It looks like the Aces and Eights are definitely creating a strong reaction from fans.

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