Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Feather (from GLOW) Interview

At age 18, Little Feather went from being a homeless teen to one of the stars of GLOW. She is currently an editor on the entertainment website NERDSociety, where she is better known as, "Kuno".

Q: Why did you enter the pro-wrestling industry?

A: When I was 18, I was invited to audition for GLOW by Debbie Debutante the Cheerleader. We were on the same gymnastics team together when we were younger.

Q: What was the best part about working for GLOW?

A:The overall experience which opened my eyes to a lot of things about life and people. I was pretty green back then and GLOW taught me a lot.

Q: What are your thoughts on the following former G.L.O.W. members:

A: ATTACHE- Very professional, nice lady.

EBONY – Old classmate from high school. She was only on the show for a short time but very nice also.

LITTLE FIJI – Nice girl. The youngest on the show next to me. I wonder where and how she’s doing.

SALLY THE FARMER'S DAUGHTER – One of my close friends on the show along with Tara the Southern Belle and Palestina. We had a lot of fun together hanging out in the room at the Riviera. Some of the best pillow fights ever!

Q: Which do you feel was your best match in GLOW?

A: The one with Attache. There were a lot of complicated wrestling moves in that which I’m proud we were actually able to pull off without any major injuries!

Q: Which was your favorite match in GLOW?

A: Either the one with Attache or Sally and Feather vs. the Soul Patrol, and anything vs. the Heavy Metal Sisters. They were a lot of fun.

Q: Have you done any wrestling since GLOW?

A: Not professionally, no. I was in a motorcycle accident some years back and injured my neck and spine. That pretty much sealed it that I’ll never wrestle again, at least not as vigorously as I once did.

Q: Throughout the years, many female wrestling promotions have come and gone, but none of them made an impact like GLOW did. To this day, GLOW remains the all-time favorite of many women's wrestling fans. In your opinion, what was it about GLOW that has made it stand out from other female wrestling promotions?

A: I think the fact that it was the first all-female pro-wrestling show to air on television. GLOW came along at a time where the audience was ready for something different, something a little edgy, a little over the top. We’re talking about the mid-to late 80’s when it first aired with shows like Full House and The Facts of Life. Women were just starting to be portrayed as having intellectual strength and prowess. GLOW showed that women could be physically strong as well.

Q: Were you a wrestling fan before you were involved with GLOW?

A: I knew about Hulk Hogan and Jerry Lawler’s whole “feud” with Andy Kaufman, which I really enjoyed. Andy sort of took wrestling to another level with Lawler. But I really didn’t know that much about it in the beginning.

Q: Comparing the view of female wrestling during the existence of GLOW to the view of female wrestling in the year 2013, do you feel that female wrestling is more respected? Also, do you feel that the quality of female wrestling has improved?

A: I think female wrestling today is still very male oriented. At least, the demographic being pandered to is still mostly male. I think more people are aware of it now and yes, it is more respected than it was. I remember having to explain to people that I wasn’t a mud wrestler as that was what people instantly thought female wrestling was about during the GLOW days.

Q: Currently, former GLOW director Matt Cimber is working on a new female wrestling promotion named Femme d’Action. Do you see it having a bright future?

A: I guess only time will tell. I certainly wish them luck with it.

Q: Do you watch pro-wrestling currently?

A: A little bit, when I can find the time. I’m pretty busy these days but if it happens to be on, I’ll take a look. I’m more into watching boxing or MMA.

Q: What did you like the most about being a pro-wrestler?

A: Being able to utilize my acrobatic skills in another arena.

Q: How much of KUNO was a part of the Little Feather character? Or do you feel that Little Feather and Kuno are like night and day?

A: When I say Little Feather was young (barely 18 when I joined GLOW), I’m not just referring to chronological age. Just a few months before GLOW, I was a homeless teen living in my car on the streets of Las Vegas. I grew up very sheltered and abused. I didn’t know much about anything, really. I’ve learned a lot since then and definitely have a better idea of who I am now. Kuno is like Little Feather all grown up.

Q: Who would you have liked to wrestle, that you did not?

A: Palestina. She was my roomie for a while and we had a lot of fun together outside of the ring. It would’ve been great to see what what sort of shenanigans we could pull off inside the ring.

Q: Although GLOW was a family-friendly product, it featured many characters with stereotypical cultural backgrounds. At the time, this was something that everyone overlooked, instead focusing on the entertainment value of GLOW. If a new promotion were created in today's era with a similar style, do you think it would be as accepted as GLOW is?

A: Society has definitely changed since GLOW. The 80’s in general was very un-politically correct. I doubt a similar show today would be able to pull off the same stereotypes that GLOW did. There would definitely have to be more censorship in that area, to avoid insulting the audience... or getting sued!

Q: What is your long-term goal?

A: I'm a writer so if I can continue writing I'll be happy. I also want to do more traveling. I'm an ESL teacher so one of my long-term plans is to teach English in different countries like Japan. Ultimately I want to open a shelter home for abused women and/or children.

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