Monday, January 29, 2024

Wrestler Spotlight: Kenta Kosugi - A Combination of Strong Style and King's Road

Kenta Kosugi is a wrestler with a style that merges together fury and finesse, as he displays adaptability and energy in all of his matches. Kosugi easily blends together strong style and the King's Road style, as he is a powerhouse who delivers stiff strikes but can quickly change strategies and utilize holds and submissions when needed, making him a unique talent on the independent Japanese wrestling scene.

While Kenta Kosugi's home promotion is the Aichi-based (which is also the prefecture where he was born) Daiwa Entertainment Pro Wrestling, Kosugi wrestles in a wide range of promotions, which include BJW and the Gifu-based Yanagase Pro Wrestling. He most often wrestles in Sportiva Entertainment, a Nagoya-based promotion that has an alliance with YPW and the Osaka-based Doutonbori Pro Wrestling, with one of Kosugi's highlight matches being when he wrestled YPW's Jack Kennedy in the main event of a May 2023 event co-promoted by YPW, Sportiva, and Doutonbori Pro, hosted at Nagoya Club Diamond Hall. And sometimes when Kosugi wrestles in Sportiva, he puts his Mizu Pro Certified Championship on the line.

Another promotion that Kenta Kosugi makes appearances in is VKF Pro Wrestling, a promotion that helps give wrestlers who live in Osaka and its surrounding area more opportunities to showcase their talents. Some of his best matches there have been with Akira Jo, who has made appearances in DDT and Ice Ribbon.

Yanagase Pro Wrestling has become a big part of Kenta Kosugi's career in recent years. In 2022, he faced former KO-D Openweight Champion Yuji Hino at Yanagase Pro Wrestling Christmas Special in what was one of Kosugi's best matches. And in September 2023, he formed a unit with Mari Manji and Lowther in Yanagase Pro Wrestling named "Kosuken Pro Wrestling", and they produce their own events. The trio won the Wrestle Brain Cup at the first event in October 2023.

Kenta Kosugi stands out as a unique blend of influences. He can trade chops with anyone, and then moments later put them on their back with his falcon arrow finisher. This unpredictable combination of styles is what makes him a main eventer on many cards. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for Kosugi, as he continues to wrestle in a variety of independent promotions, as well as makes appearances in BJW and further develops the Kosuken Pro Wrestling brand.

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